Geek Out: 90s edition box front: multi-colored confetti on a white background combined with typography reminiscent of the 90s

Geek Out!: The 90's Edition

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Geek Out!™ is the game of mind-challenging fun that finds out once and for all which player is the most knowledgeable about your favorite geeky 90s pop culture subjects!
Geek Out!™ the 90’s Edition will have you and your friends geeking out and feeling nostalgic about your favorite decade!
Roll the die to determine the question! Shout out a number of how many answers you can provide! Each player has a chance to outbid you for the answers they can give! Outbid your opponents to prove who knows the most about all things 90s!
• Over 740 topics on 144 list cards
• 20 chips
• Colored die
• Gameboard
• Instructions

Ages 13+
2 - ∞ Players
30 Minutes