The Night Cage
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The Night Cage

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You awake in the dark, your skin cold, your mind blank. You have nothing but your fear, a flickering candle, and a question: How long will your light last?

The Night Cage is a fully cooperative, horror-themed, tile-placement game that traps 1 to 4 lost souls within an otherworldly labyrinth of eternal darkness.

Each prisoner has only a candle to aid them in their escape. But its weak light can only illuminate the passages directly adjacent to them. As players move, new pathways are revealed while old ones disappear, consumed in the darkness forever. 

Every move will require thoughtful consideration and collective strategy to keep your candles burning long enough to find the way out. Tense and dripping with theme, The Night Cage is a challenging puzzle to navigate, which can be made easier or more difficult to adjust to your play group.

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