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Cartooner is a new experience in drawing games, a game that combines storytelling and drawing. It is like Once Upon a Time plus Pictionary, with story prompts that are inspired by popular and quirky comics themes and trends. While this is a game about drawing, it's not a game in which the best artist wins as your strategy and ability to adapt quickly matters much more. Points are awarded for strategy and following the rules, not artistic ability. However, if you are an artist, it is undeniable that Cartooner can be a great companion for you as well. A solo mode has been designed just for that.

The game plays out in four rounds that build up in intensity, and each round is five minutes long. Your goal is to get the most fame points at each round using a combination of your theme cards and the fleeting market trends that are valid only for one round. In the end, the player with the most fame wins…but every player walks away with a comic of their own creation.