Dynamic event calendar coming soon. Please bear with us! In the meantime, you can read about our recurring events here and register for events via Acuity.

Community Game Night

Thursdays @ 6pm | $5

Community Game Night is a great option for folks looking to learn a new game or just save some money on our rental library. You can play all night for just $5! Every month has a featured game mechanic or theme and we'll demo a different example game within that theme each week.


Saturdays @ 6pm | $5

X-Wing and Warhammer 40k are some of our favorites, but we've got plenty of table space for other games too! Bring your own armies or try out some sample scenarios before diving in. During most wargaming events, a $5 table fee covers you for the night, but special events may vary.

Casual Magic League

Sundays @ 3pm | $50

It's the very first Opal Grove Magic: The Gathering casual league! The entry fee is $50 and covers your entry into the league, 10 boosters, a set of sleeves, and a box to store your cards in.

Each week through the end of September, players may add one booster pack to their pool and can score points for achievements like winning a match, controlling at least ten tokens, or trading a card. (Trading is allowed only within the league.)

Deck boxes are stored at Opal Grove but players can come in for league matches or to reconfigure their decks anytime we're open!

RPG Book Club


Fourth Saturday @ 12pm | $15

We love discovering new-to-us RPG systems and sharing them with the community! Each month, we choose a different roleplaying game and run a one-shot (or single session) of it. 

Participants are encouraged to read through the rules, think through what type of story they'd like to explore, and decide on a basic character outline ahead of the session but you're not required to purchase the game in order to participate!


First Saturday @ 12pm

A more traditional book club-type discussion, the second session of each round is a chance to revisit the system and talk about your experience. What mechanics really worked for you? What helped you get into your character? How was it different from other systems you've tried in the past? What would you like to explore next? What did you feel while you were playing?

All are welcome, even if you didn't play in that particular month's one-shot!

Opal Grooves

Second Friday @ 8pm

Opal Grooves is our karaoke night. Come join us for an evening of musical fun and, of course, play some games between songs!

Family Game Day


Second Saturday @ 11am

After story time at 27th Letter Books, on the second Saturday of each month, children up to age 8 play for free until 3pm!

Ask us about great games to introduce to little ones as young as two years old!

RPG Social

Fourth Friday @ 7pm | $15

The RPG Social is our answer to folks who've told us they're specifically looking for people to roleplay with. We'll lead you through a roleplaying scenario that does not require preparation, throwing in some exercises from Improv for Gamers to help players explore their characters. You'll get to try new game systems and hopefully meet your next party member in one fell swoop!

Detroit Tabletop Playtesting

Second and Fourth Wednesday @ 7pm

Detroit Tabletop Playtesting meets at Opal Grove on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Game designers bring projects they're working on and everyone gives feedback based on the stage of development and whatever the designer is hoping to focus on. Join the DTP Discord for all the details!