five rust-colored miniatures of goblin-like creatures
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Godtear: Sneaky Peet, The Maligned & Sneaky Stabbers

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Rule from the shadows with Sneaky Peet, the Maligned.

Opportunistic, untrustworthy, and sly, all goblins are loathed—but special hatred is reserved for the Maligned. Sneaky Peet’s rapid rise to leader of the Sneaky Stabbers has as much to do with the spilled blood of his rivals as it does intelligence or destiny.

Inside this box is everything you need to add the Slayer champion Sneaky Peet, the Maligned, to your Godtear warband. Use this expansion with any Godtear starter set.

1 Sneaky Peet Miniature
3 Sneaky Stabber Miniatures
1 Sneaky Peet's Banner Miniature
3 Profile Cards