Used Games & Puzzles

Buying Used Games

Our brick-and-mortar features a Used Games & Puzzles section, full of gently used games puzzles at awesome prices! These items are sold on a consignment basis and each has an accompanying condition report, completed by the seller, full of helpful information about its condition and completeness.

Upon the sale of an item, you will have three days to return the item if you disagree with the associated condition report. This is the only condition under which we will accept a used game return.

Please note that used game prices are non-negotiable and not eligible for any kind of discount since we sell them on consignment!

Selling Used Games

Eligible Items

We are currently accepting used board games, game books (such as RPGs), and jigsaw puzzles to sell. We are NOT accepting miniatures, novels, toys, dice, and collectibles.

Sellers are limited to five items for sale in our Used section at a time. Exceptions can be made for RPG sets and other situations. Please ask if you're unsure! Within reason, a seller may sell a “set” of items as a single item (such as a game plus expansions, or a set of RPG books). These items will be shrink-wrapped together and sold as a single item.

Determining Item Condition

You must complete a Used Game Submission Form for each item you'd like to sell. You can download this form and bring it in but we also have copies available at the store. We expect sellers to be honest about the condition of each item!

Opal Grove Games staff will review the submission form and suggest changes as appropriate. Each item will be tagged with the most important information and the full forms will be available to view by potential buyers.

Pricing Your Item

It's up to you to determine a single asking price for each item. We require a minimum price of $5.00. Please mark your sale price in whole dollars. This price will be non-negotiable and Opal Grove Games will only sell that item at that price. We will not break up item sets.

Presentation and Compensation

Upon submission, within a reasonable amount of time, Opal Grove Games staff will prepare the used game for sale. We will attach a tag (Post-It note adhesive only) to the item and shrink wrap the item before shelving. This note includes the asking price of the game and a summary of the condition report you submitted.

Once shelved, an item will be given at least 60 days to sell. After that time, we may ask that you take the item back. An unsold item may not be submitted for sale again for at least another 60 days after it is returned.

Three days after the sale (or as soon as possible), the seller will receive a store credit for 70% of the asking price of the item, as submitted by the seller. Opal Grove Games will process any Michigan sales tax associated with the purchase.

Additional Notes

  • Opal Grove Games has the right to refuse any item due to demand, condition, appropriateness, existing copies already for sale, or any other reason.
  • A used game is sold on consignment and remains the property of the original owner until such a time as it sells or is removed from circulation.
  • For items that do not sell, the seller has 30 days to pick up the item after being notified. After this 30 day period, items are considered abandoned and become the property of Opal Grove LLC. Please contact us if you require extra time!
  • Opal Grove Games does not directly purchase preowned items for resale.
  • Opal Grove Games will assume responsibility for the care of the item while in our possession.