Naturopolis instruction booklet: a standalone Sprawlopolis game
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In Naturopolis, 1-4 players work together to build a new landscape. Using only 18 cards and a variable scoring system, the game is never the same twice.

Each turn, players will play one card from their hand to the growing landscape, trying to score as many points as possible. Players will have to communicate and plan without revealing their own cards in order to most efficiently develop large areas in each of the 4 zone types. Watch out though, road maintenance isn't cheap and each road will cost you points in the end. This is doubly true with Naturopolis’ double-lined roads as they will cost you -2 points each!

When all cards have been placed, the game ends and players see if they have met the dynamically generated minimum score for their game.

Can you work with your team to make the most of these natural wonders while still leaving space for tourists, campers, and other visitors? It’s time to find out!