Holiday Hijinks

The Holiday Hijinks line consists of escape room-style game in tiny packages! As a group, you will solve a series of puzzles to unravel a mystery. Puzzles may test your perception, wordplay, and lateral thinking.

The games are app-assisted. When you have solved a puzzle on the cards, you will enter the answer into the companion web app (compatible with all smartphones and computers) and it will check whether you are correct. If you are, the app will tell you which card or cards to take next. The app also contains a graduated hint system, so if you get stuck you can get just a small hint about the current puzzle to get moving again without giving too much away.

The app also allows you to interact with objects on cards, in the vein of a classic point-and-click adventure. This will help you gain more clues and solve puzzles.

This system is non-destructible: some groups may choose to write on cards, but this is not required. A group cannot re-play the game but can pass it on to another group for their use!