Open box with intricate black and gold patterns, unopened pack shows the bard as a pale purple figured playing a lute picked out in gold
Adventurer's Tarot box side: small black box with intricate, shiny gold decorations and lettering
The Artificer, a steampunk Black woman in Rose the Riveter pose, and the Bloodhunter, a woman wielding a thin sword backed by a huge glowing moon
The beast, a ferocious wolf monster wading into a glowing pool in four variants
The cleric, a woman in armor leading with a glowing hand, and the fighter, a figure in armor leaning on their sword
The familiar, a glowing cosmic cat and owl and the companion, a growling jaguar
Four variants of the humanoid, a peaceful femme figure with three swords running through their head
The monk, the ranger, and the bard, each with two variants, gold details, and featuring arcane symbols that seem to glow
Four variants of the plant, adorable mushrooms surrounding a skeleton on the forest floor
The warlock, a woman in chains holding a fireball, and the paladin, a woman surrounded by swords and holding a sun shield and glowing sword
Weird Works

Adventurer's Tarot: The Empress Deck

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The Adventurer’s Tarot is an oracle deck based on the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons, but can be used with many other systems. Contains 103 beautifully illustrated cards stamped with gold-foil, in a sturdy two-piece box, which is also gold-foil stamped. Includes a booklet with alternative initiative instructions, as well as a tarot reading guide.