Cooking Customers
Cooking Customers components - small black discs, custom dice, red and white checkered table cards, red and yellow Cooking Customers cards
Cooking Customers
Cooking Customers box back. 1. Cook Meals. 2. Don't get fired. 3. Serve your tables. 4. Avoid injury and death. 5. Stop complaining customers. 6. Earn $20 in tips and win the game.
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Cooking Customers

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Cooking Customers is a game where players prepare meals to serve tables and earn tips, scrambling to satisfy ornery customers.
  • Boost your cooks’ efficiency with helpful gear, helpful beverages, and timely raises.
  • Devastate your opponents by stealing their cooks or unleashing the health inspectors.
  • Avoid bad reviews, customer complaints, filthy restrooms, and attempts to hire your cooks away.
  • Try to avoid getting fired!