Evolution: Oceans

Evolution: Oceans

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Oceans is a 2-4 player board game in the highly acclaimed Evolution series. Oceans is an interactive engine builder, where players evolve their species in a continually changing ecosystem where everything is connected.

Oceans is in the top 1% of all games ranked on popular tabletop site Board Game Geek.

  • An Ocean Full of Life: Enter a vast, underwater cosmos: a mysteriously interconnected world of tentacles, sharp teeth, and black ink, where you must adapt to a continually changing environment.
  • Adapt to a Connected World: Using an easy-to-learn but deep system, players use trait cards to create and adapt their own aquatic species.
  • Strategy Beneath the Surface: Oceans is a highly thematic engine builder, where everything is connected and players can create powerful synergistic systems between their own species and other players.
  • Journey Into the Deep: Featuring nearly 100 unique trait cards, The Deep represents the unknown: the undiscovered wonders of the deep ocean you'll be exploring over countless games.
  • Great for Game Night: Featuring over 100 pieces of stunning art and gorgeous tactile components, Oceans is ideal for your next game night.