Galaxies in Peril
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Galaxies in Peril

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Galaxies in Peril is a tabletop roleplaying game about a team of superheroes just starting out. A strange structure has pierced our reality and turned out world upside down. The laws of physics no longer apply to a chosen few, and not all of them choose to use their newfound abilities for good. Creatures from myth & legend begin to wake, hidden civilizations reveal themselves, and cosmic entities turn their attention to our pale blue dot as factions race to investigate or lay claim to our world.

Galaxies in Peril is a complete, stand-alone gamebook that uses the award winning Forged in the Dark system. In this book you will find:

  • Rules to create any superhero character, with any set of powers you can think of, that will still work and feel effective regardless of the other superhero characters on the team.
  • Rules to create a team of detectives, explorers, or rebels. Detectives take cases from clients that need help. Explorers go on expeditions and flesh out the world. Rebels take the fight to the villains & factions in power in an effort to create lasting change.
  • Quick generation tables to help come up with golden and silver-age style expeditions, jobs & clients that will make a detective’s head spin, and objects of power that can kick off a quick adventure or be the center of an entire campaign.
  • 31 factions rife with characters and motivations that set them on a collision course with any heroes daring enough to get in their way.
  • 48 stickers of fantastic locations & events and four maps to stick them on to both drive play at the table and generate a lasting artifact to memorialize your campaign.