Tumbling Heads


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1500 fun and challenging questions in six diverse categories will keep players engaged for hours on end! Players in Hexaquest don't have to rely on luck alone to decide how hard a question will be and in which category. Risky choices can reap big rewards and potentially win the game. No board, no dice, simplicity at its best!

The base game includes the following categories:

  • BACKPACKER | A world to explore. No place is too big or small. Geography.
  • HISTORIAN | Our bookworm friend loves the old days. All about history.
  • TREEHUGGER | Our favorite hippie enjoys animals and nature.
  • GOURMET | Oui, monsieur. Fine dining and food for thought.
  • MOVIEBUFF | Lights, camera, action! Explore the amazing world of film.
  • WISEMAN | You better know it all because the Wiseman does. Anything goes.