Living Forest
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Living Forest

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A mystical forest, a source of rest and peace, is facing the devastating flames of Onibi. In Living Forest, players take on the roles of four spirits of nature, spring, summer, autumn, and winter to protect the forest by fending off the flames, planting trees, or awakening the forest's guardian. Who will succeed in stopping Onibi?

In each round, players - each for themselves - turn over cards from their decks that show different guardian animals. These helpful forest creatures bring various elements with them. But be careful, among the animals are some solitary creatures that don’t mix well with others. The game ends as soon as one person manages to fulfill one of the three possible victory conditions:

  • Collecting 12 Sacred Flowers to awaken Sanki, the great Guardian of the Forest
  • Planting 12 different Protective Trees
  • Extinguishing 12 Fires to permanently repel Onibi

Living Forest is an advanced family game or a light core game with a push-your-luck mechanism and beautiful illustrations. Although all players work towards a common goal to save the forest, only one person can win in the end.