Witch Slapped
Witch Slapped components: rulebook, witch cards, spell cards, spell effects cards, numbered cards
Witch Slapped box back - In Witch Slapped, you are an evil witch looking to set up your Gingerbread House in a dark forest and to start gobbling up local children. Upon arrival, you discover some other witches have had the same idea. Now it is time to throw down and do a little magic to claim the forest as your own. If those other witches won't leave, they are going to get Witch Slapped!
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Witch Slapped

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Witch Slapped is a card game where you're an evil witch fighting for a best deep-dark-forest real estate to build your gingerbread house and gobble up the plumpest local children.

  • Think fast — spell cards orbit the table as fast as the players can pass them.
  • The first witch to gather their components slaps a cauldron, triggering everyone else — ready or not!
  • To win, cling to your nine lives the longest.