Hello and Welcome to Detroit's Friendly Local Game Store!


We’re Open!

As of October 15th, we are officially open for business in our first brick-and-mortar location! Our address is 3546 Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MI 48216. We’re on the lower level, beneath 27th Letter Books. Our hours are:

  • Monday - Tuesday: closed
  • Wednesday - Thursday: 6-10pm
  • Friday: 5pm - midnight
  • Saturday: 10am - midnight
  • Sunday: 12-7pm

Aisha and Ben standing proudly in front of the dice display

Our New Name

Some of you may know us by our old name, Splendiferous Games, but we’re in the process of rebranding as Opal Grove Games! The old name was difficult for a lot of folks to spell and pronounce, so we worked with Blended Collective to come up with a new name and color scheme. We love it and we’re excited to continue developing the brand.

Social Media

We’re leveling up our social media game! You can follow us on InstagramFacebook, and/or Twitter (in addition to signing up for this mailing list) to stay up to date. We update those channels on a more frequent cadence than we send emails, so it’s worth checking them out as well.


Our event calendar just went up and our first event is scheduled for tomorrow. We'll be teaching Machi Koro to a small group of folks. The event is $15 and your fee can be applied directly to a copy of Machi Koro if you decide to purchase it the same day!

Chris Chan running demos of The Night Cage


We're looking forward to organizing more meetups and events. So far, we’ve got a few in the works:

  • Detroit game designers meetup

  • Learn to Play events

  • CCG Sundays

  • Daily demos

What sort of events would you like us to organize?

New Stock

Since we now have a brick-and-mortar location, we're able to offer a lot more products! We're updating our website, but if there's ever anything you don't see on there, we might have it in stock in the store or be able to special order it. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us!

Railroad Ink red, blue, yellow, and green


If you like what we’re doing, we’d love a review on Google or Yelp. And if there's anything you’re unhappy with, we would appreciate you letting us know how we can make things better!

Special Thanks

We want to thank all the people who have helped us get this far, whether it's hiring us for events, telling all your friends and family about us, or helping us with some last minute lighting changes at 2 am. There is no way we would be this far along without the help and support of our many friends and hopefully-soon-to-be-friends.

More Coming Soon

We have a few more projects in the works that we're not yet ready to announce, but stay tuned!

Thanks so much for supporting us and come visit if you’re in the area!

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