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Hello and happy new year!!

We want to thank you for every purchase, suggestion, and word of encouragement we’ve received over the past few months. We had a wonderful experience at the Detroit Downtown Markets but we’re thrilled to be back together again at our Michigan Avenue location!

Upcoming Events

In the relative calm of the new year, we’ve got tons of new ways for you to connect with other local gamers:


Euchre is the quintessential midwest trick taking game. Come learn Euchre and play a few rounds on January 22nd.

Dice Painting and Low Sensory Day

Come and paint some dice on January 28th! We have paints and dice sets available for anyone who wants to get a little bit crafty. It will also be a low sensory day, so we’ll be trying to make the space as low-key as possible. We’ll turn down the lights, turn off the usual music, and provide ear plugs to anyone who wants them. Please be mindful of how much noise you're making and please let us know if there are any further accommodations we can make.

Community Game Night

Come to the store to meet new friends and challenge them to board games. Every Thursday from now on is going to be a Community Game Night. Starting in February, each month will have a theme and we’ll demo a different game that fits the theme each week, gradually increasing in complexity.

February’s theme is cooperative games with our first demo being Castle Panic. As an extra bonus, you can play ALL NIGHT for $5 on Thursdays!

RPG Book Club

We’re starting an Indie RPG Book Club! Every month, we’ll look at a different game. Typically we’ll do a learn-to-play followed by a playthrough on the same day and have a discussion the following week. Our first one will be Dialect on the 21st with the follow up discussion on the 28th. Dialect is a game about language and how it dies and we’ve been really excited to run it for a while now.

War Games

The first and third Wednesday of every month will be dedicated to Warhammer and X-Wing respectively. You’re always welcome to come in other nights, but we wanted to provide a specific time for fans of those games to gather and for new players to learn to play. Ben has recently gotten into X-Wing and is really excited to play with his new space ships. He’s even put together some sample squadrons for new players to try. PEWPEW! PEWPEWPEW!

Detroit Tabletop Playtesting

On the second and fourth Wednesday of each month (at least for now), Detroit Tabletop Playtesting will meet at Opal Grove. Led by local game designer Chris Chan, it’s an amazing opportunity to contribute to the development of new games and get feedback on any prototypes you might be working on.

RPG Mixer

We’ve talked to a lot of folks interested in starting role playing games, but who don’t have a group. Come, meet, and see if you can get a group together. We’ll begin with snacks and mingling, then break into groups for relatively quick one-shots of various RPGs!

You can register for most of the above now!

New in Stock

We try to keep things fresh and exciting around here! One of the new releases we’re most excited about is the Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Special Edition Kickstarter Bundle.

It’s available TODAY along with Atiwa, Dream Quest, DEFCON, and Pan’s Island.

Avatar roleplaying game bundle including special core rulebook with foil cover, supplementary adventure guide, custom dice, dice bag, playmat, and journal set

Our Latest Play

As we mentioned earlier, Ben has gotten into a bit of an X-Wing kick (note from Aisha: this is an absurd understatement)!

The core structure is relatively simple: each player starts with a squadron of ships. On each turn, each player’s ships move, take an action, and shoot. You're trying to outmaneuver your opponents so that you can catch them by surprise.

There are 7 different factions to play and each has different ships, pilots, and upgrades to choose from as you battle through a multitude of different scenarios. We dare you to try playing without making any pew pew noises!

Tiny Star Wars ships arrayed in a battle across a large, starry playmat

Thank You

We’re thrilled to be here to share all sorts of tabletop games with you! What have you been playing?

- Aisha & Ben

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